Tammy Watt, painter, will be returning to Passport to the Arts Show and Sale, Sunday, September 12, 2021

10:00 to 4:00, at Irene Naested’s studio and garden, 1124-15th Street N. W. Calgary. www.passporttothearts.com

Canadian artist Tammy Watt works with acrylic paint and takes pleasure in the challenges of design fundamentals and colour relationships. Making art allows Tammy to declare what is important and depends upon the things she notices about her methods, subject matter and herself. She believes that if she follows the leads that arise from contact with her work, her technical, emotional, and intellectual pathway will become clearer. Her goal as an artist is to draw a line from her life to her art that is straight and clear. Check out her videos of her art with the music by ‘The Fragments.’ 

Tammy Watt YouTube

Tammy Watt - The Light Steals

Tammy Watt – This painting is called, The Light Steals In – inspired by The Fragments song, Days Like This

Tammy Watt, Painting

Tammy Watt painting ‘Final Curtain’

Tammy Watt Painting, Anticipation

Tammy Watt Painting, “Anticipation’ from music by “The Fragments”