Irene Naested hosts a day long exhibit and sale of local authors, poets, visual artists, and musicians, the second Sunday in September, from 10:00 to 4:00. This year, 2022, it will be on September 11th. Please check out her website for more information.

Pictured below are two of Irene’s non-linear narrative works. A non-linear narrative presents the events of the story out of order, employing flashbacks and visual and literary devices to shift the chronology of a story. The narrative become fractures of timelines for emotional or thematic connections between non-contemporary events.

Irene’s words and images have become reminiscent of Henri Rousseau’s work. Rousseau was a French post-impressionist painter (1844 – 1910) considered the archetype of the modern naive artist using amateurish techniques and unusual compositions. The paintings portrayed vivid colour, ambiguous space, non-realistic scale in anatomy and perspective, fantastic imagery from a hybrid of influences. These paintings fashioned a dream like quality with direct emotional impact.

Naested's Painting "Shortcut to Happiness"

Naested’s Painting “Shortcut to Happiness”

Irene Naested Lynx and Magpies

Irene Naested – “Lynx and Magpies”