Art in the Classroom: An Integrated Approach to Teaching Art in Canadian Elementary and Middle Schools

By Irene Naested  (©2010) 

Art education is vital to the development, well-being, and learning of all children. Through are activities, children develop valuable skills such as organizing their thoughts and ideas, planning strategies for implementing them, gathering materials, investigating questions and problems along the way, and ultimately expressing their ideas in a physical form.

This book encourages teachers to place a greater emphasis on art in the general education of children. It advocates a holistic approach to integrating are with other curricula, so that one discipline can enrich anther, and students can learn to make connections between subjects.

Offering guidance in the basics of the history of are education, design, colour theory, and art appreciation, Art in the Classroom suggests how you can include art projects in a variety of disciplines. Numerous children’s are projects are included throughout to enhance your understanding of the value of art as an instructional tool in your classroom.

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