Irene Naested, art and ‘The Fragments’  music can be viewed  and listened to on the three YouTube videos from the C.D. Winter Wasp. The songs include ‘Launch’, ‘Hustle’ and ‘Winter Wasp’. Before the C.D. was launched Irene and eight other artists re-interpreted the songs visually. We had several exhibitions and performances on these. David Martin ‘leader of the band’ gave Irene permission to put her art and their music into videos. Some of the images will be included in two of Irene’s upcoming books ‘Light as it Falls’ and ‘Art-Making; A Companion in Solitude’.

The Fragments Reinterpreted Visual Art & Music

The Fragments Musical Group made up of leader David Martin, Innes Cheng (drums) Natasha Sayer (keyboard & vocal) Chris Gaston (bass) and ten visual artists — Irene Naested, Connie Ptasinski, Cassandra Arnold, Tammy Watt, Donna McDonald, Nathan Peterson, Patricia Roome, Sharon Fortowsky, Isabelle Hunt-Johnson, and Corinne Keough.