Eirene is an artist, author, poet, and scientist, whether at her easel, desk, or lab table.

She is drawn to natural phenomena that impress her as if she were in a fairy tale or fable. We first meet Eirene when she has just turned thirteen years old. At the time of this first episode she does not yet know she will become a heroine, a goddess, a minor one in history, but never the less a goddess. Those who meet her grow to love her soon recognize her specialness. Through her experiences, adventures and experiments, she develops unique abilities. With her guidance and role modelling she will inject the passion for art, music, dance, and drama, into the lives of many. The special powers she develops will inspire harmony throughout the land and balance in the environment.

Sparrow in Crevice

Sparrow in Crevice

Eirene never dreamed of being a princess

never wished to wear pink-laced dresses

not once longed for prince charming

was certainly not a hero worshiper

can’t recall having a special mentor

a small brown house sparrow became her BFF

                                        (Best Friend Forever)

The Small Brown House Sparrow unexpectedly arrives to help solve Eirene’s problems and make good things happen for her and people and animals in her life.

In each episode Eirene and Sparrow examine an aspect of the human condition. The simple framework of that fairytales and fables provides a literary genre enables the author to present modern issues implicit in the story… the psychological, social, physical, and environmental dramas…into an ethical, moral learning experience.

Dr. Irene Naested will be writing, illustrating and publishing fable episodes of Eirene and The Sparrow. Stay tuned!  :-)) Create the Day, Create everyday with Art, Nature and Meditation.